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Angel Couric is alone. Nicknamed "Many Partner" in her 15 calendar years as a sponsor of the "Today" broadcast on NBC, Couric was the perfect example in the morning news broadcast point: tireless, highly advised and fast . By the time she became the first single solitary woman in the CBS Night Reports in 2006 she was leaving the following year after mediocre scores, Couric was unquestionably the most popular star on television. Now, at least a year after finishing her job as a unique international press point at Aol, she is betting that she will forget about a major partnership with readers and big brands. In July, Couric reached an agreement with Procter & Gamble to create an abbreviated online video sequence featuring unique profiles of accomplished women provided by TheSkimm. Couric says there are many more contracts with Shebang as a whole. The footage is often a product of Angel Couric Press, whose people include the creator of Horizon Press and the boss Invoice Koenigsberg. Couric knew beforehand the side effects of a digital camera. His brands angry face with Aol fizzled as his meeting segments could not locate him. In the end, says Couric, Aol does not understand how to handle this content. She separated the techniques with the organization when Verizon prepaid merged with Google to form Promise. Couric explains that his new expanded business plan goes beyond creating content for entrepreneurs. It is also a superior product with Couric subscription, ideal for finding all the content on offer. the organization creates. Couric discussed his new business with Advert Age just before CBS and left Shaun Fager, the "one hour" managing producer she had worked with, on the scary text message he sent to a journalist who was Q&AA: Katie Couric protecting sex. was an unpleasant accusation against him. / p>

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